Sunday, December 9, 2012

British Isles Excursion Day 1: Travel & Oxford

I'll be keeping a daily journal of my travels while I'm gone & when I can I'll post them on here to keep you at home updated. They will be written in first person present tense because I'm too lazy to go back & change it. They'll also be in the form of journal entries. See y'all when I get back!

Saturday, December 8, 2012. United Airlines Flight 766 Service to Chicago O'Hare. 10:01 a.m.

I'm now on my second flight this morning on my way to England. (The first left at 5:45 a.m. so I wasn't awake enough to journal.) On the first flight from Spokane to Denver, I sat next to a guy in the Air Force and fell asleep leaning on his shoulder (oops). He was asleep too thankfully and didn't care. We got into Chicago about half an hour early which was good because our Chicago flight started boarding almost as soon as I got to the gate.

So far, I've discovered that my backpack is heavy and some lady liked my owl sweater.

Last flight, I had the window seat and now I have the aisle seat. It was nice to have the window seat on the early flight because it was easier to curl up. I'm now sitting next to this lady and her daughter who were skiing in Colorado for the week and are now heading home to Chicago.

Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012. Chicago O'Hare Airport Gate C15. 1:57 p.m. local time.

I arrived safely in Chicago, around 1 p.m. After wandering a little bit, I found my gate, then decided to get lunch. I chose American Dog--"#1 Dog in Chicago"--and ordered a Boston dog with curly fries. A boston dog was smothered in cheese and carmelized onions. For those of you wondering if I'm staying gluten free, I didn't eat the bun.

So, as I'm getting my things together after lunch to go back to my gate, a man sitting at the next table asks me where I got my sweater. I tell him, Kohl's and he explains that his wife really loves owls. Unsure of what to say, I tell him I got it on sale and he congratulates me then mumbles something under his breath about how they probably don't have anymore. I nod indifferently and start to move away. He throws a "have a nice day" at me and I respond in kind. It was a very odd encounter. I've got two hours to kill now. Maybe I'll find a book.

United Airlines Flight 958 service to Heathrow Airport, London. Somewhere over the Atlantic. 6:06 p.m. PST. Somewhere in between Dec. 8th and Dec. 9th.

Well, I'm now on my last leg of the journey to England. I ended up buying a book in Chicago--Hunger Games--and just finished it a few minutes ago. I think I might have to find the second book in the series for my return trip.

My flight out of O'Hare was delayed about an hour and a half because of plane maintenance or something like that--I wasn't really paying attention. The plane isn't full, so I'm sharing the middle row with another person and the middle seat is holding our things. I'm going to try to get some sleep because my lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me.

Sunday, December 9th, 2012. The Vines, Oxford, England. 8:36 p.m. local time.

I arrived in Heathrow and got through customs etc, finally meeting up with my dear friend Danielle around 7:45 this morning. After a few minutes of discussion we decided that we would go back to Oxford & she could show me around. So we took a confusing succession of tubes to get to the bus stop and then caught a bus to Oxford. It's about an hour drive so I took a nap.

We walked all around Oxford and visited some of the colleges and I bought some gifts for people back home & an Oxford shot glass to add to my collection! We sort of bummed around Oxford for the day (you can see pictures of our exploring on Facebook). We finally headed back to The Vines, her house here, around 2 p.m. We made tea & decided to watch Pride and Prejudice. I made it until the scene just after the first ball that Bingley attends. Lizzie was talking to Jane about Bingley and Darcy. & then I fell asleep and slept til almost 6. There were other people in the room at this point and they were watching Firefly.

Around 7:30 (yes, an hour ago), Danielle & I decided that we are hungry and that maybe she should start packing a little bit. So, as she packs a little bit, I'm putting this update up & then we're going to head into town for dinner! In fact, she's just about ready, so I'm off. Cheers.


  1. Keep track of how many people like that sweater....

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