Sunday, June 10, 2012


The movie, Avengers, is my new favorite movie. I really can't wait until it comes out on DVD so I can buy it & watch it over & over again. 

For those of you who fall under the latter category of this:

(or you just don't know who they are) let me enlighten you so you can go see it & be amazed. Also, this is a chance for me to be a complete & total nerd. 

Captain America: the super soldier that was created during WW2 by a German scientist working for the Allies. Captain Steve Rogers was the first superhero. He went down in a plane crash in the Arctic & was frozen in ice for 70 years. When he was found & revived, he found himself in a foreign technological world, but when he is given a mission by SHIELD (the agency that deals with the superheroes), like a true soldier he joins the team & brings a sense of old fashioned resolve to the Avengers. 

Iron Man: Tony Stark was a billionaire who made his money creating & selling weapons. When he was ambushed in the Middle East & hit with shrapnel that surrounded his heart, he made himself a mini arc reactor while in captivity that keeps the shrapnel from entering his heart. (he's also kind of a genius). He then built a giant metal suit of armor that flies to get out of captivity. After seeing that it was a great idea, he refined it into the Iron Man suit. He continues to update the suit because he's rather full of himself & likes fancy toys. Originally he wasn't accepted into the Avengers because of his volatile character, but when the Earth got desperate...

Thor: his super power is actually pretty easy to explain. He's the Norse god of thunder. His hammer controls the lightning & thunder & he's also practically immortal. His adopted brother, Loki, is the one who causes all the mischief in the Avengers movie, so Thor joins the Avengers to try to stop his brother.

Hawkeye: Agent Clint Barton is a member of SHIELD. He has an uncanny ability to fire arrows with ridiculously good aim & never misses. Not a lot of his backstory is explained, but do some digging if you're really that interested.

Black Widow: Natasha Romanov was brought up as a Russian spy. She got on SHIELD's radar as an enemy & when Agent Barton was sent to kill her, he turned her instead & she became an asset to SHIELD. She's very well trained in the martial arts--that's her skill set.

Hulk: He's probably the one I have to explain the least. Dr. Bruce Banner had an accident with gamma rays & his accident causes him to turn into a huge green smashing monster whenever he gets angry & uncontrolled.

Then of course there's Nick Fury and Maria Hill, but you'll just have to watch the movie to find out more about them!