Saturday, May 19, 2012

on the lamb

My parents got two lambs a couple of weeks ago along with a big black lab. The lambs are not food, but they're both girls that my dad plans on taking back to the flock we got them from in the fall to breed them.

Their names are Ebony & Ivory (can you guess which is which?) They're really my father's pets--I could care less about them.

Speaking of another new creature I could care less about....

Lieben..the lab that my parents got while I was in California. I don't like big dogs, so that's 1 strike against her. 
Her second strike (which I think counts as 2) happened today.

The lambs were in a different pen to eat grass because they had run out of grass in their normal pen. My grandmother couldn't see them, so she went out to see if they were okay because Lieben was running around & scaring them.

She went into the pen to calm them down & Lieben followed her. She chased the lambs until they ran into Grandma & knocked her into the fence where she scraped up her leg pretty good. We were all in the house so we didn't hear her yelling until she had gotten Ebony into the other pen. 

I came out of my room & heard Ebony bleating her head off, our other dogs barking, & I couldn't see Lieben so I went outside. 

When Grandma had gone back to get Ivory, the leash got stuck on the fence, & while Grandma was trying to free Ivory, the fence post fell & knocked her on the head. Meanwhile Lieben is still running around creating havoc. 

So, finally, myself, mom, & my brother all went out to tie up Lieben, get the lambs back in their pen, & Grandma into the house with some ice for her leg & head. 
She's alright, thankfully, but she has a nasty bruise on her forehead.

I personally think we should get rid of the lab, but I know my family doesn't agree with me. My brother & father love the dog. She follows me around constantly trying to make me like her, but it's not working.

with love,
& running from the dog,


Friday, May 11, 2012


So this April I went down to Pasadena, CA for the Spring Formal & Graduation at my old school Providence Christian College. 

I took lots of pictures & really had a great time with my friends :)

I've also been really quiet because I got a job & I've been crazy busy working! I'll try to keep posting as often as I can & try to not drop off the face of world again.

pictures of the dance:

scenery that I edited on my computer:

me after the paint fight the girls had:

my basketball team:

me & my friend D & our shirts that compliment each other:

at BJs waiting for our table:

my gluten free pizookie:

my & my friend, C after graduation:

Manhattan Beach:

me & my friend, R at the beach:

well that's just a few of the pictures I took during the 10 days I was in CA, but it pretty much sums up my time there. Now that I'm settling back into a schedule, I'm hoping to start blogging again regularly!

However, I've worked 53 hours in the last 4 days, so I'm not going to play catch up tonight!

with love & exhaustion,