Thursday, March 15, 2012


A friend of mine asked if he could come over sometime & watch some March Madness games the other day so it got me looking for schedules etc. This morning I went on the NCAA website & they offer this thing where you pay $3.99 & you can watch all 67 games live on  your computer, ipad, iphone or whatever. 


I love's kind of in my blood. My dad played in high school and coached high school. I played in middle school & high school and I've coached college kids & now I'm coaching middle school girls. 
I'm obsessed.

Oh! My mom was at my game on Tuesday & she took some pictures. The family has a digital so I can actually show you some pictures now!!

team huddle before tip.
the game begins.
action shot: first half.
second half huddle.
action shot: second half.
intensity: 9 seconds left. up by 2. pink ball.
triumphant again!
good sports.

We have another game tomorrow at 7. We'll see how it goes--I'll keep you informed. & now...on to the VCU/Wichita St. game. 


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  1. Aww their all so little :P (and then there's you, who's cute too)