Thursday, March 29, 2012

coach moments

1. when one of your girls calls you to ask what she should work on because she's at a park with a basketball.
2. when your girls finally understand the play.
3. when one of your girls that isn't very athletic scores a basket in a game.

makes coaching worth every single frustration.


Friday, March 16, 2012

it really is the little things

<3 playing Wii with the boys <3 playing with adorable babies <3 winning our second basketball game <3 Starbucks <3 music <3  visits to the library <3 crazy mornings <3 watching march madness games with Noah <3 scrapbooking with my new album <3 taking pictures of snowfall <3 new shirts <3 dyeing my hair <3 red ribbons <3 wild salmon chowder <3 gluten free sandwiches <3 "erks" <3 patched jeans <3 getting my pac-man game in the mail <3 snickers bar <3 march madness online <3 fixing the vacuum all by myself <3 decorating for mom's birthday <3 gluten free chocolate cake <3 biscuits <3 winning our third basketball game <3 playing pac-man <3 = a really good week.


Thursday, March 15, 2012


A friend of mine asked if he could come over sometime & watch some March Madness games the other day so it got me looking for schedules etc. This morning I went on the NCAA website & they offer this thing where you pay $3.99 & you can watch all 67 games live on  your computer, ipad, iphone or whatever. 


I love's kind of in my blood. My dad played in high school and coached high school. I played in middle school & high school and I've coached college kids & now I'm coaching middle school girls. 
I'm obsessed.

Oh! My mom was at my game on Tuesday & she took some pictures. The family has a digital so I can actually show you some pictures now!!

team huddle before tip.
the game begins.
action shot: first half.
second half huddle.
action shot: second half.
intensity: 9 seconds left. up by 2. pink ball.
triumphant again!
good sports.

We have another game tomorrow at 7. We'll see how it goes--I'll keep you informed. & now...on to the VCU/Wichita St. game. 


Friday, March 9, 2012


Some days I feel like I'm a hobbit. Sure, I'm not short or round and I don't have curly hair all over my feet, but still...

I eat just about as much as hobbits do. Breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper...all in my daily routine.
Today is one of those days. I just finished second breakfast. 

My grandmother made homemade gluten free bread. She had much better luck with it than I did with my ravioli & I have been eating it like it's going out of style. 
I told her I really liked it & it was really good. She tasted it & told me I was starved for food. 
Which is probably true--I don't really remember the taste of actual bread anymore. 

I miss bagels. Bagels and cream cheese used to be my favorite afternoon snack. Alas, no more bagels for me.

My hobbit name is Rosie-Posie Bumbleroot. If you want to check out your hobbit name click on this link. You can also find out your elven name. Mine's LĂșthien Coamenel.

Yeah, it's pretty spiffy.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

homemade gluten free ravioli

Thursday is my night to cook dinner. Usually this means I heat up the frozen pizza (& take fifteen minutes to make a pizza for me & mom), make breakfast for dinner, or some other simple & easy thing. 

Tonight was a slight exception. There was a package of frozen ravioli in the freezer, waiting to be cooked. I pulled it out for the rest of my family, but decided to make gluten free ravioli for me & mom.

I found a fairly simple sounding recipe online along with a simple filling recipe and set to work. There's a reason I italicized sounding in the previous sentence.

First off, the dough was way too sticky. I tried adding more flour but it refused to cooperate.
Second, when I tasted the dough it tasted overpoweringly of olive oil. So, I added some rosemary to cover the taste of the oil.

A trip to the store, a horrendously messy counter, and forty five minutes later I had five mega gluten free ravioli ready to be cooked. 

They tasted alright--a little thick--and a little bit too much oil still (even though I followed the recipe!)--but alright. I don't think I'll be making them least not for a long while. 

I'm going to stick to easy recipes that do not require more than half an hour of prep for the time being.