Tuesday, February 14, 2012

gourmet cooking for Valentine's Day

It's all the same every V-Day...flowers, chocolates, & an overabundance of pink & red.

Yesterday, my mother & I did a little V-Day shopping and got a few little things for the family.
I bought myself a little red cactus.

It's sitting in my window actually.
This morning, I drove my father into town because he had to buy flowers for the grandmothers & something for mom.
We had Dutch Babies for breakfast which was actually more like lunch. They're soo good. 

Then, I started to make dessert for dinner tonight:

Sounds delicious right?
More like intense & way too time consuming.

But, I made it anyways & it's chilling in the fridge right now. Waiting to be covered with meringue and more blackberries.
Which reminds me, I need to go make my meringue. 

I'm not a gourmet chef/cook/baker/whatever at all. Nope. 



  1. That dessert looks amazing! Keep at it and you'll be Gourmet someday!