Monday, January 30, 2012

tea, pictures, & getting back into a routine

I started getting a sore throat on Friday night, but I tried to fight it off with lots of water & sleep. 
No such luck. 
I'm now officially sick. I think I just have a cold, but I'm not really sure. I just have a painfully scratchy throat (which isn't good because I have to sing for choir) & absolutely no energy. 

I have been drinking tea like a madwoman trying to make my throat feel better. Right now I have a cup of chamomile tea sitting next to my bed. Mmmmm.

As I may have mentioned before, I have a film camera that I got for Christmas that I adore. I just got my first roll of film back on Saturday, but I haven't had a chance to scan them in yet. I'm hoping to do so this week. 

Getting back into a routine of life is difficult enough without being sick on top of everything else. I have great plans of settling into a daily schedule. I wonder if it will ever happen. 

Right now, all I want to do is go back to St. Helens! My friend Natalie is getting married in September & I'm hoping to drive down sometime in the next few months or so to help her do some wedding planning. It's also her birthday today!

Her & her fiancee are adorable!
Happy Birthday to Natalie! :)

Speaking of getting back into a routine...I'm going to try & get lots of good sleep tonight so I can get into that schedule tomorrow!

to tea & sleep,


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