Monday, January 23, 2012

2012, snow, photography, & spur-of-the-moment trips

Since I haven't posted in almost a month, I thought I might as well play a little bit of catch up.

2012 came to town with very little fanfare in my household. I watched a movie with my grandmother to usher it in & drank some sparkling something or other & went to bed because I had to get up in the morning to play for church.

Then Dad & I got in the car & headed out to California a week later so I could pack up all my stuff....

 sunrise in Grants Pass, OR.
 Mt. Thielssen
freezing by the Rogue River
Dutch Bros. Coffee!

I re-did my room a little bit & now I have a TV in my closet.

No, obviously that's not the TV, but it's my new wall decor.

Right after we got back, my dear friend, Julie, from New York, came up for a visit. It was rather spur-of-the-moment & wonderful. I went back to brunette, & so did she; as well as cutting it. It snowed pretty heavily while she was here...

 I dislike living in snow.
brunette again. finally...
by the river in Bonners
the river, which has a name, but I forget it.

I got a film camera for Christmas & I love it. However, I'm waiting for the film to be developed so it'll be a little while before I put any pictures on here from that camera. (All of the above pictures were taken with my new phone.)

that's all for now, folks, 

from Bonners Ferry with love, 


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