Wednesday, November 23, 2011


by Chelsea Pine

Love is not for entertainment or show
Single minded focus given to the
Object of passion. Never to follow—
Always alive, always lighting fiery
Appetites. Never fails, never gives up.
Always caressing, always singing
Bringing joy and happiness in a cup
Of a wine that flows down my throat tingling.
Love burned in my fingertips, embedded
Its words on my heart, held me so so tight.
I felt it seep into my skin, bolted
To my innermost core—my guiding light.
       If love fails, I have failed in telling you
       Of the nature of the love between two.


  1. Did you write this yourself? It's extremely beautiful and touching. Well done! You're a good poet.

  2. Molly: I did write it, thanks :) It was an assignment for class.
    Dani & Brit: thank you :)

  3. I really enjoy reading your poetry, you have a real talent there.