Tuesday, October 11, 2011

mono, puzzles, & chilling with the boys

So, after spending approximately 7 hours in the ER yesterday afternoon & evening, I was diagnosed with mono. YAY! not. At least I have an actual reason for why I've been so sick & tired lately. 

Last night, we got back from the ER around 10pm & I took a nap before starting my Bible paper. I finished it around 2 am & then tried to go to sleep, but my brain wouldn't shut off, so I wrote my history book review. By the time, I finished that I had about an hour before my history class so I didn't go to bed, I just took a shower & went to breakfast. 

After history class, I went to Rite-Aid to get my prescriptions filled for the meds that the doctor at the ER gave me & ended up buying a puzzle for myself because I wanted a puzzle & I figure I'll have a lot of down time over the next few weeks. I then walked to the grocery store & ran out of energy by the time I got there so I called Danielle & she came to pick me up. 

I didn't really eat lunch because I wasn't very hungry. I went to Bible class & stayed awake for the first 5 minutes before falling asleep--out cold--for an hour. I woke up for the last 10 minutes of class & I felt awful. So, after class, (and apologizing to my prof), I skipped my other two classes & went back to bed for 3 hours until dinnertime. I barely ate anything at dinner then went to basketball practice. 

Practice went really well--I love my team!!--and then I came back, grabbed my laptop, & now I'm hanging out with Sam & Jordan in their room while procrastinating on my homework. 
Moral of the story: mono sucks. :) But I like hanging out with the boys. They're funny. 

I found this picture on FB, & I thoroughly agree with the sentiment.

from Pasadena with love (& two boys singing semi off-key), 



  1. Sorry you've been so sick, Chelsea. I hope you feel better soon. I love the puzzle idea. Let us know when it's finished!

  2. Its too bad you don't have an awesome roommate that shall take care of you. :P

  3. I'm sorry to hear you've been so sick. I'm glad you've got people watching out for you though.