Friday, October 7, 2011

It's the little things in life...tea, chocolate, & scones

Monday, October 3-Wednesday, October 5:

<3 sleeping all day while trying to get over being sick <3 drinking lots of tea <3 watching movies <3 eating chocolate <3 visiting with Sam <3 chilling with Courtney <3

<3 oh, & finishing my pidge scarf on Monday <3

Thursday, October 6:

<3 gluten free choc chip scones <3 tea <3 singing songs from the musical Wicked with Brit <3 seeing "Indiana Jones" in the cafeteria <3 getting beautiful picture messages from Julie on FB <3 finishing one scarf & getting really far on another one <3 doing some homework <3 not throwing up!!! <3 actually getting out of bed & getting dressed <3 going to dinner for the first time in a week <3 watching Social Network with Danielle, Emily, Galen, & our RD <3 dancing in our room <3

 yes, some random guy was wearing an Indiana Jones hat & coat. it was awesome.
Danielle bought me a gluten free scone from this place in LA. it was yummalicious.
 when Julie was visiting me in Idaho this summer, we took a lot of pictures. It's what we do. This was my absolute favorite & she posted it on my wall today. 
you can see my pidge scarf under the other fuzzy scarf I finished today. the brown & blue scarf is one I'm in the process of making. I started it today.
I was skeptical, but it's actually a pretty good movie.

Friday, October 7:

<3 hanging out with my roommate <3 going out with some friends <3 almonds <3 crocheting <3

*there's no pictures from Friday because, well, I didn't take any*

I'm going to be gone for the weekend & therefore most likely won't be posting again until Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend wherever you're reading from!

from Pasadena with love,



  1. This weekend, take your phone charger!

  2. I love it. The scarves and the Indy Jones are my favorites.

  3. Mmmmmmmm Lindor Truffles, yummm.
    Are you from Idaho?

  4. Brit: we forgot almonds.
    Dad: I did! aren't you proud of me?
    Molly: thanks :) I love Indy...a lot.
    Charlene: My parents live in Idaho & I was there for the summer!