Saturday, October 15, 2011

it's the little things in life...peppermint tea, packages, roses, & cheesecake

So, since I've been asleep for the majority of this week, I'm changing the way I do this post just for this week. Instead of dividing everything up by days, I'm just going to lump them all together. 

<3 roses from friends <3 

<3 getting a package from my mom <3 peppermint tea <3 blueberry and brown sugar oatmeal <3 visitors on campus <3 
<3 open mic night <3 

<3 going to cheesecake factory to celebrate a friends' birthday   <3 walking around Colorado Blvd. until late <3 chilling with friends at a park <3
<3 doodles in class with philosophical meaning <3

<3 my awesome roommate making me tea <3 watching movies <3 having friends visit <3 

from Pasadena with love,



  1. That rose picture is a super good picture fyi :)

  2. I loved the "lumping" everything; because life isn't just one thing at a time. And I particularly adored the Calvin & Hobbs cartoon!! Hope you're feeling better this week!