Sunday, October 2, 2011

it's the little things in life...first cold of the year

Yes, I have a cold. I'm hoping it's the first & last cold of the year, but that's being very optimistic. It's also the reason why this post is 3 days late. 

Monday, September 26:

<3 sleeping in at Brit's house <3 cleaning <3 In-N-Out for lunch <3 getting back to campus <3

protein style! yummiest thing in the world.
I don't think I've actually put a picture of our campus up yet. So, here it is. It's really pretty.

Tuesday, September 27:

<3 playing volleyball <3 basketball practice <3 sparknoting Canterbury Tales because I can't read olde English <3 Jack in the Box at midnight <3 watching movies in philosophy class <3

Brit & I read the Wife of Bath's tale.

Wednesday, September 28:

<3 basketball practice <3 chapel & tea <3 naps <3 quartet practice <3 babysitting my prof's kids <3 decorating my laptop <3

pretty self explanatory.

Thursday, September 29:

<3 more movies in philosophy! <3 having dinner at a classmate's house & having adventures on the way to her house: i.e. running out of gas, having to push her car up a hill, & having to jump start her car <3 getting locked out of our room because both Brit & I forgot our keys <3 hanging out with the visitor <3

the 3 different cheeses that we had at Rora's house
& the yummy tea!

Friday, September 30:

<3 drinking lots of tea because I have a cold <3 babysitting my prof's kids again <3 blowing bubbles <3 taking naps <3 watching Sucker Punch with Courtney & Danielle <3 hanging out with Sam <3 cutting out the paper doll that Brit bought me in VA <3

one of the most confusing movies I've ever seen. very interesting message. I'll definitely watch it again to figure out what is going on. awesome soundtrack though.
 yes, I still like these things!
my favorite mug & the tea that Brit makes. so yum.

Saturday, October 1:

<3 sleeping in until 1pm <3 cleaning our room <3 crocheting my scarf <3 professor talent show <3 student talent show <3 doing a skit with Danielle, Brit, & Emily <3 going to Cheesecake Factory with Danielle, Brit, Emily, & Courtney <3 walking around downtown Pasadena <3 random guys in the elevator <3 white chocolate blueberry cheesecake <3

my scarf that I'm crocheting.
this cheesecake speaks for itself. so amazing.

from Pasadena with love,


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