Friday, September 16, 2011

it's the little things in life....Speed Racer & icing

Monday, September 12:

<3 care packages from my family <3 getting boxes in the mail of stuff that I ordered <3 watching Some Kind of Wonderful <3 visiting friends: Becca, Ashley, and Charlie <3 

I was watching one of my favorite movies, He's Just Not That Into You, and Gigi, my favorite character in that movie watches Some Kind of Wonderful. It got me intrigued and so when I found it on Amazon for cheap, I bought it. It's now one of my absolute favorite movies ever.

Tuesday, September 13:

<3 tea in the morning <3 wearing one of my new shirts <3 straightening my hair <3 Hairspray <3 hanging out with my roommate <3 icing <3 

 Brittany has gotten me on a tea kick. Her mom gave me a box of herbal teas for my birthday and I've been having tea almost every morning. 
 This is another one of my cheap Amazon movie finds! I actually really like this movie, even if it is kind of cheesy. It's a (and I know this is cliche, don't shoot me) heartwarming story set in the 60's just as black rights were starting to make an appearance.
I love icing. I eat it straight out of a can as a snack. It's cheaper than candy and oh, so yummalicious. 

Wednesday, September 14:

<3 another new shirt! (okay, see I have this thing where if I get something new, I need to wear it) <3 skinny jeans and boots <3 the shortest British Literature class of my life (25 minutes!!!) <3 Cafe Culture with Danielle, Emily, and Brittany <3 

This place is such a cute little coffee shop. The owners are Christians and they offered all the students of Providence 10% off any purchase. 

Thursday, September 15:

<3 taking a nap between classes <3 Creative Writing class <3 playing basketball <3 college party with friends <3 dancing <3 

 this is the restaurant we went to for a friend's birthday. 
We all looked smoking! It was a ton of fun!!

Friday, September 16:

<3 chapel <3 Speed Racer <3 having dark hair <3 Hoodwinked <3 Ashley spending the night <3

This movie is just the best thing ever. "There's an avalanche a-coming and I do not feel prepared!"

from Pasadena with love,


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