Monday, September 12, 2011

care packages and clean rooms

"Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice!"
-Philippians 4:4 (ESV)

Plus: happy birthday to my dear friends Courtney and Chelsey :)

This morning, I got an email from the school reception desk saying that I had four packages in the office! I hobbled down (I popped my knee out twice this past weekend) and picked them up. 

3 of them I was expecting because I had ordered some things online last week. The last one was a care package from my family. It was a little box chock full of goodies. 

There were 3 notes from different members of my family, healthy food, junk food, snack food, a book, a few little things that I needed, and a CD. I love mi familia <3

I also finally cleaned my room today! I organized my desk, put away all my clothes...okay, I know that I'm a sophomore in college and I shouldn't be this excited about cleaning my room, but I am. It's been rather messy the past week. 

And now, I'm getting my homework for tomorrow done. I feel so productive. Except for the fact that I'm not feeling well because my thyroid medicine ran out yesterday and I have a sunburn from beach day on Saturday and I popped out my knee. But it's okay, I'm getting my medicine tonight hopefully and the sunburn is going away and my knee feels a little bit better. 

If you get the chance and you think about it, you could keep my friend Ashley's younger sister Lauren in your prayers. She's battling cancer and not doing well (she's 14.) Also, my dad has walking pneumonia (and has had it for the last month or so) --so if you could keep him in your prayers as well that'd be awesome. 

from Pasadena with love, 


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