Tuesday, September 27, 2011

basketball, volleyball, Egyptian religion, & Canterbury Tales: a normal Tuesday

Just another normal Tuesday at school. Early morning history class, nap until lunch, Bible class, Humanities class, Creative Writing class, basketball practice, dinner, volleyball, & now: writing my outline for my Bible paper that's comparing Egyptian religion to Judaism. Next on the to-do list is reading one of the Canterbury Tales for British Literature tomorrow. Sound exciting?

I didn't get this bottle cap message, but if I had--it would be fulfilled by now. 
Actually being busy with so much homework sometimes makes me want to jump off a cliff.
You know, into water that's completely safe so I can swim to safety & do my homework after I dry off.

Tips for surviving homework:

1. Bring sustenance.

Homework is better with food. 

2. Play music.

Silence is not golden.

3. Study with friends.

^^ True story.

from Pasadena with love, 


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