Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's the little things in life.

I know this post is 2 days late, but it got late on Friday and I was exhausted and then yesterday I was gone all day and fell into bed again. So here we are, 2 days late....and 2 dollars short? I hope not.

Monday, August 1:

<3 Castaway <3 cheesecake <3 House of Flying Daggers (a very confusing Chinese movie) <3 bubble baths <3 Series of Unfortunate Events <3 reading in my closet <3 Skyping with friends <3 listening to a song from Shall We Dance? <3

 I love Wilson.the end.
 it doesn't really follow the books, and it mixes everything up, but it's still a good movie in my opinion.
 It's full of twists and it's completely in Chinese with English subtitles. It's kind of confusing, but it's actually kinda awesome. A blind girl who is a ninja, subterfuge, amazing martial arts--good stuff.
 I have been listening to this song for about a week straight on repeat. I don't know why I love it, I just do.

Tuesday, August 2:

<3 graphic design <3 new books <3 Ivanhoe <3 reading <3 waves of creativity at midnight <3 pearls <3

 this is my necklace Brittany bought me while she was here. I wear it aaaall the time.

Wednesday, August 3:

<3 Emma Donoghue (click on her name for the review I did of her book) <3 new notebook cover <3 Gala's post <3 movie marathons <3 books <3 coloring <3 Skype conversations with Dad at 1:30 am <3 cherry coke <3

 the notebook cover I made. I copied the wording and lettering from a picture I found on the internet, but I like it a lot.

Thursday, August 4:

<3 quotes <3 continued marathons <3 Ivanhoe with mom <3 driving <3

so true.

Friday, August 5:

<3 peach rings <3 peanut butter m&ms <3 cherry coke <3 mexican coke <3 10 Things I Hate About You <3 returning family <3

 I love this movie. so much.
junk food is awesome. especially peach rings.
 and peanut butter m&ms
 and coke in a glass bottle.

Saturday, August 6:

<3 barrel racing <3 yard sale-ing <3 swimming <3 tanning <3 horses <3 huckleberry picking <3 tofu stir fry <3 sweet peas <3

barrel racing is a lot of fun to watch--you don't have to be a country redneck to go to a rodeo to watch it either.
yard sales (or garage sales) are so much fun! you walk around and get stuff for cheap.
 I love horses.

from Bonners Ferry with love,


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