Tuesday, August 23, 2011

delays, delays, delays. oh the joys of flying.

Oh dear. It's been way too long since I've blogged. Sorry, guys, I'll be back soon I PROMISE. Right now, I can't post a long catch up post, but that will be coming soon. I'm sitting in the Salt Lake City airport waiting to board my flight....after being delayed almost 2 hours. 

I arrived at SLC at 7:15 pm and my flight was supposed to board at 7:20. I rushed to my gate, only to discover that the plane had broken down and the flight wasn't scheduled to leave until 9:15. 

THEN, the plane arrived and the staff discovered that it was scheduled for an overnight maintenance and we couldn't use it. So the departure time got put off indefinitely. Now, we've found another plane (that's also under maintenance) and we're waiting to be able to board. 

The original arrival time in Ontario, CA was 8:44 pm. Right now, it's at least 10:30 pm but we haven't boarded yet, so I'm remaining cynical. 

Just some quick catch up news:

1. Julie left :( after complications with her flight. (kinda funny now)
2. I'm on my way back to school. woooooooooooooooot.
3. I got a new laptop this morning. And I'm flying with both laptops because I still need to transfer my files.

OKAY. I'm going to put my computer away because they said we could board within 20 minutes or so. 
We'll see. 

from Salt Lake City with love (and impatience), 


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