Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WW: what can you accomplish in 12 minutes?

Hey guys, sorry I've missed posting...I've been busy with Brittany. She left today :( but I went shopping with my mom :). As I've mentioned before, I took a writing class my senior year of high school and my teacher would give us writing prompts and give us 12 minutes to write a story from it. It's your turn! I'll post the prompt and then my response to it. I encourage you to try writing something down in 12 minutes. Ask a friend to time or set an alarm. It's a lot of fun and helps to get the creative juices flowing (even if you're not a writer) Have fun!

Prompt 1: You're meeting a friend for coffee when the waiter hands you the bill. Written on the bottom of the check is a note that says: "Urgent. Meet me outside." What happens next?

Here is my 12 minute response:

I laughed at something Julie said. We hadn’t gotten together to talk for a long time. The growing darkness out the window to my left alerted me to the fact that it was time to get going. I signaled for the bill. Julie and I argued over who would pay the bill, and I won. Grinning triumphantly, I took the check from the blonde haired waiter.
            My eyes widened as I saw the bill. Julie laughed, “Is it all that much?”
            I looked up at her startled. “Oh, no.” I laughed with her, recovering my composure. “It’s not very much at all. I thought it would be more considering how much you ate.” I teased.
My friend pretended to be hurt, then stood, yawning. “I have a lot of homework. College.” She sighed.
“Lucky you.” I grinned at her. Since that first initial glance, I hadn’t looked at the check again. Once Julie had left, I turned my eyes again to the bottom of the bill. Written in a scrawling script were the words, “Urgent. Meet me outside.”
Staring at the mysterious note, my writer’s curiosity was piqued. Trying to appear nonchalant, I got up from my seat. I dropped a ten on the table and rushed from the building. Once I reached the outside of the restaurant, I looked around for the writer of my summons.
A hand reached from the darkness of a nearby alley and pulled me into its grasp. “Don’t speak a word.” a heavy whisper reached my frightened ears. I nodded violently. “Stop shaking.” The hand released my black jacket and I rubbed my arm where it had been pinched.
A head that must have been attached to the hand I had felt poked out of the alley. I saw the dark outlined shape of a girl’s ponytail bobbing as she looked both ways before stepping cautiously out of the narrow hiding place. Once she was satisfied no one was watching, she motioned to me to follow her.
More wary now than I had been inside the restaurant, I followed her at a safe distance. I wanted to be far enough behind her that I could take off running and have a good head start. She stopped at an abandoned storefront and gently pushed on the glass door. It swung open for her.
A wild thought entered my brain. What if I was being kidnapped? I glanced around trying to spot anyone that I could yell for help to. There was no one in sight. I hesitated at the doorway, not wanting to enter.
My mysterious friend returned to the door. She stared at me with big brown eyes half hidden beneath blonde hair hanging limply around her freckled face. “Well, come on. It’s important and you’re the only one that can help us.”
“Us?” I spoke to the young girl for the first time.
“Yes, of course. You’ll see, please come before someone sees you!” She pulled at my arm. Reluctantly, I ducked under the awning over the door and entered. I lost the girl’s slender form in the darkness several times and walked into several walls. My exclamations of pain caused the girl to turn swiftly to help me.
Finally, we came to another door. Light seeped under the slit at the bottom. “Through here.” The girl motioned me on.
I stared at the new door. What would I find beyond it? Unsure, I slowly reached for the door handle.

I actually turned this prompt into a short novel that I'm in the process of writing right now. :)  Leave me a 
comment and share your 12 minute creations!

from Bonners Ferry with love, 


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