Friday, July 8, 2011

It's the little things in life...the week of the FOURTH.

<3 skyping with Noelle <3 little amazon man <3 butternut squash <3

 I love her!
my little dude :)

<3 millions of pounds of fondant <3 cute pirate cupcakes <3 giant Flemish bunnies <3 yellow roses <3 4th of July party <3 fireworks <3 little kids who say cute things <3 movie marathons with Brit <3 dying Brit's hair <3

 sticky, unmanageable fondant
 pirate cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 4th of July party :) see the little guy on the left in the white shirt? His name is Drew and he's 5 and 1/2 years old. He hung around me all night and sat on my lap during the fireworks show. As he was getting in the car he sighed and said, "She already has a boyfriend." I love him. He's my little man :)
 it's upside because I took it that way. we had sparklers!
 dying her hair blue with no gloves....
the finished product....her hair didn't turn blue, but my hands are STILL a light blue color.

<3 Pride and Prejudice <3 picnic in Sandpoint <3 discovering things about Lady Liberty <3 Walmart shopping <3

my all-time favorite movie.
the little mini statue of Liberty at City Park in Sandpoint. (this was the night that my boyfriend discovered that Lady Liberty is--in fact--a woman.)

<3 rock climbing at the Kootenai Falls <3 Gala Darling's article <3 Brit's DJ headphones <3 <3 old school music while writing <3 making fun of people on TV <3 more Pride and Prejudice <3

 it was a gorgeous day for hiking
CLIMBING. (this was before I dropped my camera)

<3 listening to my ipod and singing while cleaning the house <3 roasting hot dogs in the rain <3

(sorry I don't have any pictures, I was still nursing my camera back to life at this point.)

<3 driving to camp <3 radio stations in Kalispell, Montana <3 sleeping in the car <3 laughing about no phone service <3 the lids of Sobes <3

 the message on my Sobe lid.
 my notebook :)
 our phones with no service :(
the lake at camp. it was kind of a cold day.

Sorry this is kind of a short post, I'm running low on steam at this point. Brit and I are gona have a kind of a girls' night. It involves gummy bears, chocolate wafers, good music, a movie, some pictures, and laughs. 

from Bonners Ferry with love, 


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