Friday, July 15, 2011

It's the little things in life....license, truffles, and movies.

<3 shopping with Brit in Spokane <3 Forever 21 <3 necklaces!!! <3

 from Forever 21 (a gift from Britt!!)
another gift from Britt. also from Forever 21. (!!!!!!!!) I love it!!

<3 music <3 we heart it (!!) <3 Gala Darling <3 late night movies <3 finding out that I can go back to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

<3 Lord of the Rings marathon <3 friends' blogs <3 getting my license (finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) <3

<3 sleeping in <3 Atlantis <3 She's the Man <3 A Wrinkle in Time <3 making dinner <3

10 Things I love about this movie: (and why you should watch it if you haven't seen it): 1. Dr. Joshua Suite, 2. It's about Atlantis, 3. Audrey, 4. the dynomite expert, 5. the nerdiness of Milo, 6. Kida, 7. the design of Atlantis, 8. Mole, 9. Mr. Whitmore, and 10. it's amazing. duh.
Possibly one of my favorite movies ever because: 1. Channing Tatum (Step Up!!) is in it ( my favorite :D ). 2. It's based on Shakespeare's 12th Night. 3. A girl dresses up as her brother = awkward, hilarious moments. 4. It's full of soccer players!! and 5. Robert Hoffman (Step Up 2).
I hadn't seen this movie in so long and I'm so glad it's on Netflix instant!! You have to love any movie with a 6 year old genius, an overpowering darkness, an awkward Gregory Smith (!!!), and three magical ladies.

<3 Sandpoint with Brittany <3 truffles <3 white mochas <3 driving!! <3 Jack in the Box <3 Walmart <3 spoiling ourselves for no reason <3 people at gas stations <3 singing at the top of our lungs <3

going approximately zero miles per hour because of construction.
 waiting for Brit at the bottom of the spiral staircase.
-lace skirt - vintage (Brit's)
-black leggings - Target
-gray shirt - American Eagle
-black vest - Target (?)
-peacock feather necklace - Forever 21
-silver sandals - Target
 Bailey's Irish Cream Truffle. (YUM.)
perfume that I love and wore today. I'm pretty sure it's Believe by Brittany Spears.

Tonight's agenda? Watching Ever After (Drew Barrymore) with my mom and Brittany while texting an old (and good!) friend and writing in my character dictionary.

from Bonners Ferry with LOVE,


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