Sunday, July 3, 2011

the amazon box dude.

Many of you may know about the amazon box dude. I think he's the cutest thing ever, and since I have been introduced to him, I have searched the internet for adorable pictures. I found all of these at :)

 Starbucks caramel frapp. (extra-small)
 hopscotch to 7
 I love his little book!
 writing a letter :)
 a rose for her..
 family walks are fun
 someone likes nutella
 I LOVE THIS ONE. the nerd :)
 I want a little box man sticker for my laptop.
 the little one is so little!
 family pictures!
 morning sunshine!
photography :)

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of my little man. :) You can find more at under the tag "amazon." 

from Bonners Ferry with love, 



  1. OMG! I love that!!! He is the cutest!!! :D SO ADORABLE!!! lol

    I love the nerd one..and the nutella one...and all of the others. xD haha!

  2. where can you get one

  3. Take a look at the comments on the right side of this link:
    In the 9th one down, the creator of the set makes a comment about searching the internet especially e-bay. they're about 18-24 USD :)

  4. Just amazing and so cute!!

  5. lol "The amazing box dude" is actually a girl.. I only found out now too & I always called it "the little box man" nut she has a name as well.. Danbo(danboards. Just thought I'd tell u in case u never knew, if u did then kwl

  6. You can find free templates to print and make if you type cute little box man in google images and keep on going down until about page 6, then you will find a template. It is very small so you will have to enlarge it. :)