Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WW: "Tomorrow Is Another Day"

Hey guys, just dropping by to leave you a little essay/story thing I wrote a while back. It was for an assignment but I couldn't think of what to write so I wrote this instead. I hope you enjoy :)

"Tomorrow Is Another Day"

Her fingers hovered over the black, flat keys, awaiting the command from her brain to commence typing. The only problem was, she didn't know what to type. Oh sure, she had lots of ideas when it came to the books she was writing, and usually she had tons of ideas about what to write. Although this time she could not think of a single thing to write. Why was this assignment so hard? Writing had always come easily to her, she could usually whip out a paper in a day or two, depending on how long it was. Without any inspiration, she had opened the text document several times already and stared, but it remained blank. Certainly it wasn't a shortage of creative juices. She, who had just come up with three different plot lines for three different books she hoped to write, and yet couldn't think of a storyline. Flipping back and forth between the screens, she had busily typed up three plots. Then, she hit the screen entitled, “writing homework” and her mind seemed to go blank. Frustrated because she had already set this assignment aside so many times for lack of inspiration, she forced herself to stare at the screen and think. Nothing came. She desperately and crazily wanted to scream and holler at the top of her lungs. Neither fantasy nor fiction came to mind. She thought and wondered and pondered and discarded. The girl sighed, groaned, moaned, screamed. The situation was getting worse.
While she sat there, the clocked ticked away. Suddenly it was three o'clock. Sighing, the girl closed down her screen and pushed away from her desk. Time for basketball. All through practice, she was rather distracted, because she was trying to think of something to write about. Several times the basketball bounced off her, as she stood there quite out of it. After practice, on the way home, she discussed the matter with two of her teammates in the car. Unfortunately, they had no ideas. She sighed. Dinner came and went. Even though she knew she still had to write the paper, she played Wii with her brother for a little while. Then she forced herself to go upstairs and turn her laptop back on. She stood and sat and stood and paced and sat and ran her fingers through her hair. When she sat down at her desk after dinner it was almost seven thirty. Quietly and furtively the hours slipped and slid away. Her mother, who knew how quickly her daughter usually got these things done, was astonished at the time it was taking her daughter. When the girl again glanced at the small, electronic clock, it read nine forty five. Neither the girl nor her mother had realized the time. The girl stared, shook her head, laughed sarcastically. They do say time flies when you're having fun. She snorted.
During that entire time, what had she accomplished? Two paragraphs. She could hear her father and mother laughing about something, and could almost hear her brother playing Wii downstairs. Two paragraphs. She took a deep breath and blew it out hard and fast. Her brain was both frizzled and exhausted. The girl wanted to scream and holler. Silently, she stared at the bright screen. If she didn't get this assignment done rapidly and swiftly, she was going to have to do homework tomorrow night as well. Thinking ahead was not a pleasant thought, because as she did, she remembered a few other things that needed doing. She needed to study for a Bible test, which was a very important thing, and she needed to read her literature book. She tried and tried and tried to write, but she was just too tired. She thoughtfully closed down her screen, clicked a few buttons, turned off her computer. As she trudged up the stairs, trying to stay awake long enough to reach her bed, she thought of a quote from one of her favorite movies that cheered her up a bit. “After all, tomorrow is another day!”

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