Sunday, June 12, 2011

White Roses

"White Roses"

"White roses can be nice,"
Said the gambler
"But I prefer pink ones."

"White roses are pretty,"
Said the soldier
"But I prefer yellow."

"White roses are lovely,"
Said the playboy
"But I prefer red ones."

"White roses are so pure,"
Said the athlete
"But I prefer orange."

"White roses are gorgeous,"
Said the math nerd
"But I prefer peach ones."

"White roses can please me,"
Said the scholar
"But I prefer purple."

"White roses can be sweet,"
Said the good kid
"But I prefer blue ones."

"White roses are goodly,"
Said the thinker
"But I prefer maroon."

"White roses are sultry,"
Said the expert
"But I prefer black ones."

"White roses are daring,"
Said the shy one
"They're my favorite."

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