Thursday, June 2, 2011

running errands, baking cookies, and LAUNDRY.

Until I find a job (praying that the Lord will provide!), my days seem to consist of three things: running errands, baking cookies (or anything) and laundry.

Today was a perfect example. I woke up unusually early (6:45) but went back to sleep until 8. I got up, took a shower, checked my mail, did some paperwork, put a load of laundry in, and got ready to run some errands with my grandmother. We ended up leaving at 11:20 and we headed straight to the hospital.

I got my arm x-rayed, blood drawn, and set up an appointment to begin physical therapy next week. Which reminds me, I need to put that on my calendar....

..okay. After the hospital, we went to the bank, then lunch (yummy chef salad!), and then we drove over to Akin's, the little grocery store in downtown. THEN we ran over to the library, dropped off some movies, picked up some more--then up the hill we went to Safeway for more groceries. Our last stop of the day was at the Job service so I could drop off some applications and pick up a few more.

We got home around 3:30 and started doing some baking. (I put another load of laundry in.) I made gluten free buttermilk biscuits for tonight (biscuits and gravy for dinner! YES.) and we made gluten free peanut butter cookies for tonight. There's a bunch of people coming over at 7 to help fold some of the Banners that my mom has to mail out.

I should probably go do the next stage of the laundry pretty soon. The biscuits are cooling alongside the cookies and the house smells yum.

Oh! I totally forgot. My room is finished! Isaac put the final board in place last night as I was moving my stuff in. I'm completely moved in now and I even took pictures.

 my bookshelf. I ran out of room for all my books and I had to put some in the bottom part of my bedside table. and there's some sitting in a pile beneath the bookshelf.
 if you look in to my room from the doorway this is what you'll see. I ordered a new bedspread and that's coming in the mail soon!
 if you walk in and look to the left, you'll see my big window and my closet. I have closet doors that I still have to paint and put on, but for now it works.
this is my wall of memories! I have all sorts of pictures, cards, coasters, letters, etc on this wall.

I really love my room. Isaac did a fantastic job on the trim and the floor..I'm never going to want to leave! I suppose I can't say it's COMPLETELY finished because the closet doors are still not on and there's some chinking that has to be done on the logs still (the guys come next week to do that I think), and Dad is going to do a few touch ups on my paint..but at least I'm moved in. 

On the to do list for tomorrow: laundry (surprise, surprise) and cleaning. I've been living downstairs in my grandmother's little apartment. There's a bedroom, bathroom, and small living room in the basement so my mom's mother (Grandma to us) lives down there. (My dad's mom (Grammy) also lives with us and she has the master suite upstairs with her own bathroom.) I need to clean down there and get it ready for my grandmother when she gets back from Philadelphia. She drove out there to visit my aunt and family. All that to say, I have to clean tomorrow. 

Also tomorrow, I think Grammy and I are going to make a WONDERFUL casserole. It's called Margaret's Casserole because it's our friend's Margaret's recipe. It's absolutely my favorite thing ever, and we're going to make it gluten free. (If it turns out alright, I'll post the gluten free recipe.)

Oh, and skyping with the boyfriend tomorrow. :) And, since tomorrow's Friday, hopefully I'll remember to blog about the week. I'm getting so forgetful...

from Bonners Ferry with love, 


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