Tuesday, June 21, 2011

more catching up. random pictures. BRITTANY.

Hi guys. BRITTANY IS HERE. like sitting across from me. in my chair. in my room.

I'M SO HAPPY. like really really really happy. She's been here less than 24 hours and we haven't seen each other in a month and a half and we're both on our computers. like usual.

Just a bit of catching up.... when I was babysitting on Wednesday the three little girls all wanted to dress in blue so they'd match and then they wanted me to take a picture:

They're super cute, but with their 3 brothers...the 6 of them are a handful. But I love them :)
Okay, so some random pictures from today (just for your amusement):

Seattle's Best iced mocha = yum.
waiting for Dad to come out of the post office.
do you think we like Seattle's Best iced mochas?
an awesome car that was parked near ours at the airport.

We're going to go down to downtown today and explore, but I'm just super excited that she's here :)

from Bonners Ferry with love, 


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