Friday, June 10, 2011

it's the little things in life...SUMMER 2011 :)

<3 staying up almost all night <3 the best friend's blog post on summer. (you can find it here.) <3 an early birthday present <3 popcorn <3 conversations with Matt <3

I went out and sat on my front porch (which is right outside my room). This was at 3:15am.
 3:15am..looking at the mountains. front yard.
 4:30am...the mountains (this is when the coyotes began howling).
 5:15am...the mountains. front yard. This was right before I went to bed and slept until 8am.

<3 babysitting cute kids all day <3 falling asleep to Jonah with a baby on my lap <3 tacos <3 basketball game with the guys (Mavericks win) <3

not to say Veggie Tales Jonah isn't a good movie. It was just after lunch.
they're my team for the Finals. :)

<3 new bedspread <3 (this was my laundry day, so I sat downstairs and read and watched a movie while waiting for the laundry) <3 oh, reading 1984 <3 watching Speed Racer while waiting for laundry <3 watching McClintock after Bible study with mom <3

I really love it, and it came with 2 little pillows! I love pillows.
 this book is probably my favorite. (at least one of them)
 This is probably my favorite movie ever. If you haven't seen it, you're deprived.
 I really like the remake of Speed Racer. If you haven't seen it, you should.

<3 sleeping in <3 finding old pictures <3 making cupcakes <3 photography <3 skyping with Julie <3 watching Can't Help Singing with mom <3

my cupcake book! I'm in love with this thing.
one of the pictures I found of my brother.
me and Hannah <3
 me and Julie <3
 lemon and lime drizzle cupcakes
..I'm biased, but I like them.
one of the plants in our kitchen.
it's an older movie, but I love it. (I always fast forward through the sappy songs though)

<3 working out <3 making more cupcakes (haha) <3 good times with friends <3

 they didn't look the way I wanted them to, but they tasted good.
a few of the cards I won in Apples to Apples...along with Playful, Creative, Important, and Wicked.

from Bonners Ferry with love,


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