Sunday, June 19, 2011

a day of catching up

ugh. I was getting so good about blogging every day. Then my life became work central and I only got on the computer a few minutes before I fell into bed exhausted. Let's see...

Thursday and Friday, I spent the better part of my day pulling nails and unscrewing screws. There was a huge pile of wood in our barn that needed to be off the floor (nail-less) so my brother and I sat in sawdust and hammered and pulled and unscrewed. Pretty exciting, I know.

Saturday was the workday at the new church building. After doing a few things around the house, I went over to the church and helped my mom paint one of the stairways. I did all the cutting in and am now an expert cutter-inner. By the time we finished around 5 p.m., my arms were covered in paint. (I have a habit of wiping any drips I have with my fingers then wiping the paint on my arm.) I went home, cleaned up and went over to our friend's house for a few hours to watch them play ultimate frisbee and eat hot dogs. After THAT I watched part of Hidalgo with my parents while reading a book.

This morning we had a lovely church service that was really encouraging. Almost immediately after it ended, I left with both my grandmothers to run to Safeway to get a Father's Day cake (or two!) and then head home to hurry along dinner. We had a very nice dinner and quiet Father's Day celebration.

And now I'm caught up since the last time I blogged. I can't remember anything else exciting or even semi-important to tell about. BRITTANY COMES TOMORROW. I'm pretty stoked about that (I even cleaned my room!). My dad and I are driving into Spokane early tomorrow morning to pick her up from the airport. Then I might actually have something to blog about.

Alright, well, now that the catching up has been caught up, I'm going on a walk with my mom. It's a beautiful night and who knows? We may walk another 6 miles :)

from Bonners Ferry with love, 


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  1. YAY for updates! :o) Thanks for a little glimpse into your life, Chelsea..sounds like a fun week ahead!