Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a day in Bonners (and a poem because it's Wednesday)

First, the poem. (hi, by the way.) I wrote this a little while ago while during one of my moody writing periods.

How do you know
When it is right?
How do you know
You’re not making
The same mistakes?

Do you feel the same?
Does your heart beat faster
When I’m near you?
Are you falling for me
Like I’m falling for you?

I’m scared to fall
Fearing I won’t
Get up again
Will you crush me?
Or love me too?

Do you feel it too?
Does your pulse quicken
When I get close to you?
Are you falling for me
Like I’m falling for you?

I’m not poised
Like other girls
I’m not pretty
Like other girls
Dare I love you?

Do you feel something?
A flicker of emotion
When I’m in the room
Are you falling for me
Like I’m falling for you?

I feel like I’m rushing
When I should be waiting
Why does love confuse me?
I need to slow down and
Wait for you to be there
Asking me for a dance.

Alright, now that you've read the semi-depressing poem, I'm going to try and cheer you up with some random pictures from my day in downtown Bonners Ferry with Brittany. :)

 hey, so I own a company that I didn't know about...
 raspberry and mango gelato at Under the Sun :)
I love the focus on my camera.
 love her <3
 we sat in the little gazebo under the giant green paper lantern.
 yeah, I was playing with my focus
 eating watermelon on the porch after dinner... a very graceful way. (she has pictures of me eating watermelon. you can find them on her Facebook page RIGHT HERE :) )
 lil farm girl a-settin' on a fence (yeah, I said that in a hick accent that I don't have)
 I love love love taking pictures of flowers close up

 I love her :)
 giant beetle in the road!
 the sunlight through the trees

Yup, so there's my random pictures that I took throughout my day yesterday. Today promises to be a good day. Brit and I are going downtown again to do a photo shoot! I'm really excited to have her here :)

from Bonners Ferry with LOVE,