Sunday, May 22, 2011

who wants a bride?

This morning in church, my father (the pastor) was speaking on Joshua 14:6-15. It's one of three passages that describes Caleb's demand and acquiring of his inheritance.

Dad was saying that while it sounded like Caleb was going to charge the city of the Anakim giants himself, in reality Caleb asked for help from the congregation. He did this by offering his daughter, Achsah, as a bride to whoever conquered the city. Dad illustrated his point by saying: "It'd be like if I said, 'Alright, whoever helps me build the church...I'll give him Chelsea as a wife.'" There were a few laughs amongst the congregation and I shook my head.

Dad likes to use me as a sermon illustration, so I'm used to it by now. I get teased by the rest of the congregation about whatever he says. It's all good fun and it's to make a point so I don't really mind...except when he offers me as a bride. We laughed about it over lunch and Dad told me that he made a point to avoid eye contact with any specific guy in the church...for which I thanked him. (I told him it wasn't going to work out anyways because I already have a boyfriend.)

Speaking of boyfriend and I have decided (it was his idea) to do a devotional/Bible study together this summer over Skype. We're going to be going through the book "Bite-Sized Theology" by Peter Jefferey. I'm excited about it :)

I really need to get back into the swing of blogging every day. I'm still looking for a job, so as of right now I don't have a lot to do all day. Although, for the next couple of week or so, I'll be finishing up my room. I finished painting it yesterday and Dad and I put in my closet organizer. This week, one of the guys from the church is going to be coming over to finish my floor and put the trim on. THEN I get to move all my stuff back in. The only thing that is in my room right now is my bed.

After I finish my room and get all settled in, my next project is the cabin in the backyard. It's a tiny little thing, but it's just big enough for me to have a nice little office out there. My parents said I could use it while I'm home (so it's kind of my cabin) and I want to fix it up.

We have some company coming tomorrow for a couple nights, so tomorrow morning is rush, rush, rush to get the house cleaned and presentable. Also, my mom comes home tomorrow (from St. Louis), so that's exciting :).

Hmmm, I'm trying to think of any other important news or tidbits that I need to share with you. I can't really think of anything. Oh! There's only 29 more days until the best friend comes up to visit!! (I'm pretty excited if you couldn't tell). I hope you're all having a wonderful Lord's Day, wherever you're reading from.

from Bonners Ferry with love, 


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