Thursday, May 5, 2011

the final final of finals week.

In exactly one hour, my last final of this week begins. It's my HIS 212 final and I am SO unmotivated to study for it. I've studied for about 3 hours and I feel like I know the stuff. I'm kind of past caring...I just want it to be over.

Tonight is a semi-packed night. I have work at 6, a Smash Bros. tournament at 7, event at 9, and then I have pack up all my junk somehow so I can get it up to Brittany's house to store it for the summer. It's going to be a pain in the neck.

Then tomorrow, it's time to finish packing and hopefully go to the beach for a little bit with Danielle! My family comes in sometime tomorrow night and skyping with Charles is also on the to do list. :) It's probably going to be another long night...but at least I won't be studying!

Saturday morning, I leave super early to take my stuff up to Brit's and then it's off to visit some family members here in So Cal. I don't really know what the schedule is, but I'm just going to go wherever my Dad drives to and nod and smile.

Then on Sunday, I'll go to church with the family, then head for home. It'll take us about a week to get home because we're making a few stops on the way to see more family and even some friends. THEN I'LL BE HOME. I'm really pretty excited about that!!

I probably won't be blogging a lot while I'm on the road next week, but I'll try to get a few posts in here and there. The school year is finally ending so I'll have some time to really blog. I also plan on taking LOTS of pictures on the drive home, so I can catch you guys up.

Mother's Day is also Sunday which means I should probably get my mom something eh? I'm working on something for her, but in case she reads this post (she reads my blog sometimes), I'm keeping it a surprise until then. :)

Well, I should probably cram some more historical facts into my brain. I hope you guys are having a lovely May 5. Oh yeah, it's Cinco de Mayo. wooops, forgot about that. So have a great Cinco de Mayo guys! :)

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