Tuesday, May 10, 2011

carmel, california

I'm sitting in my cousin's room, overlooking the quiet street through her window, relaxing after a couple days of sightseeing and walking around in the chilly weather.

We arrived here in Carmel on Sunday night after packing the car completely full of all my stuff after church. It's been nice to see my Uncle and Aunt and cousins again after a few years. Yesterday, we drove around Carmel, and Monterey. We went down to Pebble Beach even though it was really cold (at least for me it was).

 the Lone Cyprus along the 17-mile drive
 Pebble Beach
 more of Pebble Beach
 the ocean is soo pretty
this was the rock covered in seals

My littlest cousin, Alexis (we call her Mei Mei) is very adorable. She finally warmed up to me yesterday afternoon and now she doesn't want to leave me alone. :)

she is so stinkin' cute!

Today, after a long discussion about where we were going, and after watching Horton Hears A Who (such a good movie!), the parents decided that we were going to the aquarium. All of us kids climbed into the truck and chilled until our parents came out and said that we weren't going to the aquarium and we were just going to stay at home.

So, Gabi (Alexis' older sister), my brother, Alexis, and I walked down to downtown Carmel and looked in all the expensive shops with longing. Gabi and Eli (my brother) went to find some food and Alexis and I walked into all the girly shops and looking at all the fancy things. It was a lot of fun :)

 Gabi and I just chilling :)
the three of us girls <3

After our excursion, we watched Megamind with the family. It's probably one of my favorite animated movies ever.

When it finished, we drove down the Monterey farmer's market and got popcorn, half a chicken and gyros. oh, and bubble tea with lychee instead of tapioca. It was all really yummy, let me tell you.

Now, here we sit, as a complete family watching Megamind again! Really, if you haven't seen it yet, you need to get it and watch it. It's amazing!!

with love from Carmel,


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  1. I love lychee. I had the actual fruit in Europe and have been craving it ever since. Lucky duck!

    Glad your having fun, babe!