Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday's Writings: Emma's Escape Chapter 4

Hey everyone, I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday! Just wanted to drop by and leave you the next chapter of Emma's Escape. I really would appreciate you guys leaving me a comment and letting me know what you think of it!!

Chapter 4
Dij pushed open the door and entered with Emma on his arm. All eyes turned to see the lovely lady that walked through the door on a pirate’s arm. No one could believe that a lady like Emma would be with a pirate like Dij. Most of the men there knew Dij from previous trips and they were shocked.
            One came up to Dij. “Well Dij, ya finally got yourself a girl I see.” He laughed a coarse chuckle.
            “I belong to no man.” She calmly removed her arm from Dij’s and stared the offender down.
            He stood shocked for a moment, then grinned. “I like ‘er, Dij. Where’d ya find ‘er?”
            Dij grinned back. “Mat! Good to see ya! She’s not mine, she’s the Cap’n’s. I’m just lookin’ after her for him tonight. He got her in England.”
            Emma shook her head exasperated and slipped across the room to the bar. She slapped a sack of gold coins on the counter. “Rum for everyone!”
            Cheers and whistles erupted from the on-lookers. They joined Emma at the bar and all ordered drinks. Emma smiled. She had started the drinking party and now as the counter became crowded, she grabbed a mug of rum and found a table in the corner. A few minutes later, Mat joined her.
            “Mind if I sit with ya, little miss?”
            Emma shook her head and gestured to the seat next to her. “Be my guest.” Mat studied her for a moment. He noticed she hadn’t touched her mug of rum. It sat on the table in front of her, unnoticed. She was staring off into the distance, preoccupied by something.
            “Somethin’ wrong little miss?”
            “I’m sorry?” Emma’s attention was brought back to the crowded, noisy bar.
            “You seem to be thinkin’ bout somethin. Other than rum.”
            She smiled. “Yeah, I am.”
            “Wanna share?” Mat sipped his rum.
            Emma sighed. “See those men over there? The ones I came in with? They’re from the ship the Lady Luck. Captained by Marcus Reed.”
            “I’ve heard of ‘im. Go on.”
            “Well, about four months ago, he kidnapped me from my home in Chelsea, England. I am his prisoner and this is the first time I’ve been ashore in four months.”
            Mat almost choked on his rum. “You be a prisoner?”
            “Quiet. I don’t want them to know we’re talking about it.” Emma glanced across the room at the boys.
            “I’m planning an escape tonight. I’m waiting until the boys get drunk enough not to notice me leaving.” Emma was shocked. She hadn’t planned on telling anyone. She cursed herself for saying anything.
            Mat stared at her. “You’re trying to escape from Marcus Lynch? Near impossible, ‘e’ll find ya for sure. Especially you not knowing Barcelona at all.”
            Emma had found her accomplice. “Do you know Barcelona?”
            “Yeah.” Mat glanced over at her quickly. “You be asking me to help you?”
            “Yes. I need someone who knows Barcelona and who can help me get home safely. I can pay you when I get home. My husband and brothers will compensate you accordingly. As much as you want.” Emma leaned towards him focusing her gaze on his face. “Just help me get away.”
            Mat looked deep into her brown eyes. They were begging him to help. “You be married?”
            “Yes, newly married. Why?”
            “You love your husband?”
            Puzzled by his questions she answered honestly, “Yes I do. Very much.”
            “You miss ‘im?”
            “Yes I do.”
            “I’ll help you.” Mat quietly stated.
            Emma watched them. “How long do you think  it will be until they’re drunk? We need to leave as soon as they are, because Marcus is coming at some point to round up his men. I want to be as far away from here as possible before he does.”
            “I don’t blame you, and I want to be far away too.” Mat glanced over his shoulder at the crowded room. “It shouldn’t be too much longer before we’ll be able to leave.”
            An hour passed. The boys had gotten louder and louder. Mat had gotten up to socialize with them, trying to figure out how drunk they were.  Emma was finding it harder to see in the growing darkness of the room. Suddenly, Mat was at her side.
            “Quickly, now’s our chance. Marcus should be here soon, but the boys are gone. They won’t notice you leaving.” He whispered in her ear. Emma suddenly noticed that Mat’s rough speech was gone, but she didn’t comment. Quietly, she got up and slipped out the door behind him.

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