Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday's Writings: Emma's Escape Chapter 3

Hey guys, I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday so far! Here is the next chapter of Emma's Escape. I hope you guys like it.

Chapter 3
            Emma stayed true to her resolution. She jumped to help anyone who needed it, not wanting to give Marcus any reason to hate her. It had almost been three months, and her resolve was still unwavering. Every time it started to melt, her thoughts returned to the cold bloodedness of Marcus her first day out and she pushed herself to do things she would never normally do.
            Emma was leaning against the railing when Marcus came up to her. “We’re almost to Barcelona. I was wondering if you wanted to go ashore for a few hours with the boys.”
            She smiled ecstatically. “That would be wonderful Captain! I haven’t been on solid land in three months!”
            He nodded and sauntered off towards the port side to give more orders.
            Calmly, Emma walked towards her cabin. And idea had begun to form in her mind the minute Marcus had mentioned her going ashore. She was homesick, and was planning to escape in Barcelona.
            Quickly, she worked out how long it would be to make her way home by land. It would be another nine months if she stayed, six months if she traveled cross country. She made her decision to cut the three months and strike out on her own.
            She knew she would miss some of the boys that she had made friends with, but she wanted to go home.
She glanced up frightened. Marcus was coming.  “Yes?”
Marcus knocked once before entering her room. She looked up at him and smiled. This was perfect. He was giving her a perfect opportunity to slip away. She knew how the boys loved their rum; she could easily slip away from them.
“You ready? We’ve docked.”
“Yes, I’m ready.”
            He nodded in response to her, then turned to the boys. “Take good care of this little lady for me, boys. I wouldn’t want her getting lost in Barcelona.”
            Emma looked up at him. His voice sounded pleasant enough, but she could tell it was an underhanded way of saying, don’t let her escape, with a warning to her as well. She smiled to herself, her mind reeling with all the possible ways to escape.
            Dij was in the first of the boys to go ashore. He offered his arm to Emma, she took it politely. Her face lit up as she stepped onto to dry ground for the first time in four months. Excitement swelled inside her and she almost started shaking. Dij glanced down at her face. She was practically glowing with excitement.        
“Where are your favorite places to go in Barcelona, Dij?” Emma looked up at him with her big brown eyes gleaming with excitement.
            Dij looked into her eyes and almost forgot where he was for a moment. “Uh, well, little lady, there’s a right fun spot over on the east side of Barcelona.”
            “Will you take me there?”
            She sounded so excited, but it was a rough spot as well. No place for a lady. He told her so. Her lower lip slipped out slightly and her eyes took on a pleading look. “Please Dij? I want to have some fun tonight, not be stuck looking at the shops all night, while you boys get drunk.”
            He laughed out loud. “Alright, little lady. That spot is where all us men go for rum and fun in Barcelona. Come along.”
            Emma smiled happily and clutched Dij’s arm a little tighter. She felt his muscles tense slightly from being so close to her. She knew all the pirates considered her a delicate flower compared to the rough women they were accustomed to. She intended to use that knowledge for her own advantage. The other boys were giving Dij jealous glances and she pretended not to notice. She knew she could easily start a fight between these boys, especially when they were drunk, but she hadn’t decided if she wanted to or not. There were two ways she could make her escape. One would be to wait until this lot got drunk enough and start a fight between them. Then while they were busy knocking each other around, she would slip away. However, since she didn’t know Barcelona it would be easy for her to get lost and run into Marcus and the boys. The second way was she could find an accomplice who knew Barcelona and get him to help her. She knew she could use her feminine powers to find one. She decided on the latter option after weighing the pros and cons.
            “Here we are little lady,” they all stopped in front of a seedy looking tavern. “Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.”

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