Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday's Writings: Emma's Escape Chapter 2

Hey y'all. I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday. I'm going to be starting a new thing where I share a picture at the beginning of every blog post. Here's the picture for today:

I thought it was appropriate for a Wednesday! Oh, also, if you'd like to know how the cleanse that Britt and I are doing, Britt is documenting it on her blog here. Today's piece of writing is the second chapter of Emma's Escape. Please leave a comment and tell me how you like it:

Chapter 2
The sickbay smelled of death and pain. Fortunately, there was only one injured pirate. His shoulder dripped blood as he lay on the doc’s operating table. He looked strangely familiar. Emma gasped as she realized it was young Crey. The pirate doctor looked up as Emma walked over to him.
“Do you know anything about medicine little miss?” He asked her.
She squared her shoulders. She wasn’t going to let a boy die because of her stubbornness. “A little. I can bandage his shoulder when you’re finished.” She gestured to the prostrate boy.
“Thanks.” The doctor turned his attention back to Crey.
Marcus asked the doctor, “Doc, how bad is Crey?”
“Crey has a ball in his shoulder. I can get it out, but it will take some doing.” The doctor reached for a knife.
“I can find some clean bandages, Doc.” Emma volunteered.
“Thanks, little miss.” The doctor focused all his attention on Crey’s shoulder.
Marcus headed out. “I need to talk to Toby and see how we ended up.”
Emma searched out some clean cloths and water to bandage Crey’s shoulder. She winced as she heard him cry out in pain as the doctor’s hot knife sank into his skin. She tried not to watch as Doc patiently worked the ball out of Crey’s shoulder. Finally, he removed it entirely and nodded to Emma to take over. She walked over to the blood covered young pirate.
 “How you feeling, Crey?” She asked.
“Tired. In pain.” Crey bit his lip, gasping in between words.
Emma watched him with concern in her eyes. He was so young! “How old are you, Crey?”
Crey looked up into her eyes. “Fourteen, miss.”
“How did you get on this ship?” Emma was shocked. A pirate, so young!
“My father was on this ship once, miss. He was a prisoner here when I was a little boy. The Cap'n, he brought Pops home. Pops told me that should anything happen to him, I was to come here and ask to be a pirate with the Cap'n. He said Cap'n Marcus was a good man, even if he was a pirate. You see, miss, my mother died was just a baby. My father he was a merchant. He asked Cap'n Marcus if he could bring him home cuz dad, he didn't want to leave me alone. I was just seven. Pops never left me again. That is until he died when I was twelve. Then I come out here to ask the Cap'n to be a pirate. He said I could be cabin boy, so here I am.” While Crey was talking, Emma was wrapping his shoulder. When he finished, she was done as well.
“I see, I'm so sorry about your father and mother.” Emma secured the bandage.
Crey winced from the pressure on his shoulder. “Oh, it's alright, miss. I like being a pirate. Cap'n Marcus is the best pirate in the world.”
Emma studied the young man. Such loyalty to a man over him was amazing in a boy his age. “You can go lay down in your bunk now.” She helped him down off the table.
“Thanks, miss.” Crey stumbled towards the door, then almost fell. Emma ran and caught him just before his shoulder hit the ground. He had lost a lot of blood, he was very weak.
“I'll help you.” Emma gently led him to his bunk.
“Thanks again, miss.”
Emma stroked his hair gently. “Sleep well Crey. Get your strength back.” Crey could only nod before he fell asleep.
“The pain finally got to him.” Emma murmured, trying not to wake him up. She tip-toed out of the room and climbed the stairs to the upper deck. She knew her position here was very precarious. If Captain Lynch took it into his head that she was a bother, he would have no qualms about killing her. She resolved to make herself as useful as possible in the duration of her stay aboard the Lady Luck.

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