Tuesday, April 12, 2011

movie obsession: Step Up trilogy

Okay, so I know this is may not be your cup of tea, but lately I have been kind of obsessed with the Step Up movies. I love dance movies and the performances that the groups do in the movies look so awesome. Each movie follows one main character, usually someone who isn't privileged, in their journey to become a famous dancer or to compete in a major competition.

The first movie follows Tyler Gage, a white kid living in the slums with a foster family. He is a really good freestyle dancer but he is caught up in the wrong crowd. He is caught in the act of vandalizing MSA, the art school in town, and is sentenced to perform community service there. It is here that he meets Nora, a senior preparing for her senior showcase. He helps her perfect the dance, becomes her partner, and falls in love with her. The last showcase is awesome and is one of the best dance in the movie:

The second movie is about Andie, a girl from the same place as Tyler. She is living with a friend of her mom's and is a part of a local gang called the 410. When threatened with being sent to Texas, Andie auditions for and earns a place in the MSA halls as a student. She meets two guys, Moose and Chase, who become her friends throughout the movie. After being kicked out of the 410, Andie starts her own crew (dance group) with Chase, Moose, and several other students to compete in the Streets, a local dance competition. Their dance is possibly my all-time favorite:

The final movie follows Moose as he begins college at NYU and Luke, a guy who owns a dance studio and who has a dream to bring those without a home in NYC that love dance, together to dance. The crew brings in Moose as an addition to their family. Another new addition is Natalie, a streetwise dancer that shows up one night at Luke's dance club. The group is practicing for the World Jam, a huge dance battle in NYC. When they finally get to that point, their final dance is epic:

I hope you guys enjoy these clips. The other dances in the movies are pretty awesome as well, especially in the last one as there are two dance battles before the World Jam. These movies have been my obsession lately--I enjoy them immensely.

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