Saturday, April 2, 2011

just spring cleaning on a Saturday afternoon

I woke up at noon today with the desire to clean my room. It had been a growing room has been rather messy for a few days now. Not only messy, but unorganized. So, I took it upon myself today to clean up the outward and inward appearances of my room. My drawers are organized, and you can see the floor. I took some before and after pictures:

 the general area of my room before...
 ..and after.
my desk before...
 ...and after.
 my shelves before..
 ..and after.
 random corner of my room before...
....and after.

I feel like I should get a medal for doing all that. Plus washing my dishes. Plus re-making my bed. Plus doing laundry. It's been a good day. Now, I'm off to dinner. I'm thinking possibly a movie after dinner to relax after all my hard work. Kids: clean your rooms.


  1. You've inspired me to do some cleaning. I start tomorrow.

    If this ends badly, I totally blame you! ;)

  2. Makes a mother proud! All that teaching "ain't been in vain for nothing." : ) Love you! Great job! Mom