Friday, April 22, 2011

it's the little things in life...spring formal.

Hey everyone, sorry I missed posting yesterday, I just ran out of time. I slept in, had class, got ready, and went to the Spring Formal last night. It was so awesome! I'll be posting pictures of it in today's post. This weekend is our Easter break and we have today off until Tuesday. I didn't really take a lot of pictures this week, but here are some things that made my life a little brighter this week:

<3 vanilla bean frapp with caramel, extra caramel <3 the final basketball game with the guys <3 being the only girl on the court <3 ACTUALLY PLAYING <3
yes, it was a pretty boring day. 

I had a migraine on Tuesday, so I stayed in my room all day. Nothing really happy happened.

<3 watching Stardust <3 Starbucks with Danielle <3

<3 Carissa doing my hair for the dance <3 dressing up <3 dancing all night <3 cute little desserts <3

 the ballroom was gorgeous
 my quadmate Carissa is my hero for curling my hair and pinning it up!
 my lovely date.
 this is the ballroom we rented for the's in downtown Pasadena.
 soooo pretty and they decorated it perfectly.
 Brit and I waiting for people to arrive
 the cute little desserts! we all got a different assortment.
 the dance floor began to fill up
one of my favorite couples <3

<3 going to Britt's house <3 shopping at Target <3 new shoes!!!!!!! <3 Jack in the Box tacos <3 gluten free bread from Panera <3

Britt in the Easter section at Target.
 my amazing new shoes from Payless...
...they were on sale and I love them to death! I can't wait to wear them. 

I hope you guys have a lovely Easter weekend! He is risen :)

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  1. I'm glad you had a great time at the Formal. He is Risen, Indeed!