Friday, April 15, 2011

it's the little things in shoots and canceled class.

<3 picnik-ing <3 studying with Danielle <3 learning surprising things <3 finally doing my laundry <3

 one of the pictures I edited...Britt, me, and D.
 me and D at the beach
this is a collage I did of the 3 of us. 

<3 Vaan as Justin Bieber in Spanish class <3 fashion shows <3 Pepsi Max <3 sleeping in <3 new bangs <3 Evelyn <3 Spanish class <3 Green Beret in History class <3 my English professor not being able to work technology <3

new bangs!!
I've kind of been drinking Pepsi Max like it was going out of style since I got the case on Friday night. It's all gone now...I think I gave away two cans.
I love John Wayne. I've actually never seen all of this movie, but I'm planning on watching it in the near future.

<3 sleeping through all my alarms <3 crazy work <3 finding out that classes were canceled <3 basketball practice <3 editing more pictures <3 talking to good friends <3

here's a collage of pictures that I edited. look for more of them coming up tomorrow!

<3 a really cool pen <3 Jim Parrack from True Blood speaking in English 201 class (he's a Christian, and a really cool guy) <3 history class <3 "Staying Alive by the BeeGees in History <3 "you can teach a quarter of American history from the 3 Rambo movies" - my history professor <3 grocery shopping with the best friend <3 being lazy with the same person <3 skyping Charlie <3

this is the show that Jim Parrack is on. He plays the character Hoyt. I've never seen it's a vampire show.

he died his little chin patch red. it didn't work out so well...and he was showing me his free pen.

<3 babysitting the mini Macs <3 rainbow chip frosting <3

 Fisher coloring me a picture of Yoda
 Canon making words with the little magnets.
my drawing of Yoda fighting some invisible foe. I drew it for Canon who asked for it.

All in all it was a pretty relaxing week--as in I didn't have too much going on. This weekend promises to be a nice, relaxing one as well. I'm hoping I can get some homework done! Tomorrow's post will be a bunch of pictures that I edited from Tuesday's photo shoot, so I hope you guys enjoy them :)

from Pasadena with love, 


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