Friday, April 1, 2011

it's the little things in life...mega week.

This week has been possibly the most stressful of my life. I've been working double shifts because one of my co workers was gone this week, plus I had 5 papers due, and just normal class schedule, homework, and social life. I'm just thankful it's over now and it's Friday and I WENT TO THE BEACH. That's really what makes this week worthwhile, after all.

<3 basketball practice <3 going to breakfast for the second time this semester <3 going back to bed after practice and breakfast <3 writing my Bible paper in one sitting <3 skyping with Charlie <3 watching Charlie's Angels (the one with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu) with Britt <3

you should watch it, it's pretty awesome.

<3 getting a 4/5 on my Bible quiz after cramming for 10 minutes <3 English notes <3 movie clips in History class <3 stealing food from Britt (with her permission) <3 Spanish mishaps <3 drawing in Spanish class <3 Jack in the Box <3 listening to a classmate sing while working <3 late night conversations with my roommate <3

 yes, this is my English notebook...
...and yes, I have a to do list at the bottom of my notes.

<3 basketball practice again! <3 breakfast (I'm on a roll) <3 wearing a cute dress <3 working the front desk and getting strange looks from people because I'm not normally there <3 writing 3/4 of my History paper in an hour <3 going to Rite-Aid with Britt <3 PEEPS <3 photo shoots <3 phone conversations with annoying recordings <3 unexpected words from people <3 listening to the drama people practice <3

 pictures from the photo shoot....
 with my beloved Peeps
a smooshed Peep. sad day.

<3 going back to bed after a breakfast meeting <3 skyping with Charlie (twice in one week!) <3 yelling at my computer and iTunes <3 good times with friends in the study center <3 Jack in the Box <3 getting a free chicken burger because "two tacos" sounds like "chicken burger" to the guy at the drive through window <3 listening to my friend say stupid things (she's hilarious) <3

<3 happy herbs <3 lunch with friends <3 BEACH <3 KFC with friends <3

 I love wave pictures. Santa Monica is a beautiful beach.
my lovely friend <3
 Andrew and Mayra, the couple we went with. She is standing buried in the sand up to her knees!

The beach was amazing and I even got a little bit of a tan. :) I hope you guys all have a relaxing weekend wherever you're reading from!

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