Friday, April 8, 2011

it's the little things in life...first hockey game ever. and brownies.

Can you believe it's Friday already!?

<3 sleeping in <3 going with Danielle to get her oil changed <3 driving with the windows down <3 makeup rehearsal <3 getting caught up on TV shows <3 skyping with Julie <3

 this is one of my favorite shows..this season is a good one.
 this is probably the BEST.SHOW.EVER.
I've been watching this show since last season. It's pretty good.

<3 fun basketball practices <3 being able to see the sun <3 sweatpants <3 going to the Coffee Gallery with Danielle and Brittany <3 skyping with Charlie <3

 Danielle painting
 Britt eating her amazing fruit salad
 yay fruit! (that's Britt's hand though)
my amazing sweatpants. definitely my favorite article of clothing.

<3 seeing old friends <3 being productive at work even though I felt like poop <3 taking an afternoon nap <3 last basketball game of the regular season *sad face* <3

I love my team!

<3 sleeping in <3 singing off key, at the top of our lungs with Britt while eating salted almonds <3 having cool visitors in our room <3 EATING BROWNIES <3 no more fruit (yeah, Britt and I kind of quit our veggie cleanse. it was good while it lasted) <3

no, these are not the brownies I ate. but, I forgot to take a picture of them before I consumed them, so I googled brownies. They look good though.

<3 coffee <3 babysitting the Macs <3 meeting visitors <3 going to my first ever hockey game!!!!! <3

my amazing mug
 the new Batman
 our car on the way to the hockey game
 Chik-fil-a for dinnnner
 Rora <3
 she thinks I'm cool.
 the "court" :)
 the home team (although I was cheering for the Kings but they lost)
 warming up and doing awkward stretches
 the human puck race
 all the free stuff I got. a case of Pepsi Max, a tshirt, and I won a liter of more Pepsi.

My allergies were set off by something in the hockey arena, and I forgot to take my allergy meds beforehand, so I'm really stuffed up right now. I took some Nyquil and I plan on sleeping until at LEAST noon tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday tomorrow--even if you live in cold places. :)
from Pasadena with love,


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