Sunday, April 3, 2011

"the cleanse"

During the next few weeks, Britt and I will be doing a cleanse. We're going to be eating only fruits, vegetables, and protein shakes. It's not to lose weight, to clarify for those of you who might be wondering. We're doing it because we've been eating tons of junk food lately and we feel gross. So, we're trying to be healthier and we're doing it in a big way. I'll keep you posted on what's happening.

Tonight, after we got back from church, we walked to Vons to get some salad, dried fruit, and shakes. We also got Arizona tea to drink. On our way back, our bags were so heavy that we stopped to rest on a bench. The same car drove by us 3 times, so we decided to run back to school. We finally got back and now we're sitting safely in my room. It's all good.

This week will be easier than last week, but it's still going to be busy. I have drama dress rehearsals Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Basketball on Wednesday, Student Development day on Tuesday, and a hockey game on Friday night. That should be fun, but I also have a paper due that day. Thankfully, I'm not working double shifts again thought--that nearly killed me last week. I put all my time in and I worked 14 hours last I wrote 5 papers, went to all my classes, prepared and ran both chapels, coached a basketball game, and had 2 early morning practices. I was so wiped out--the beach was good for me on Friday. I really hope I don't have another week like that this semester.

Well, I'm going to run along and possibly watch a movie. Or, I may just go to bed. I haven't decided yet. Wherever you're reading, I hope it's warm and sunny...and I wish you all a wonderful week.

from Pasadena with love,


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