Thursday, April 7, 2011

class study: Biblical and Theological Studies 212

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great Thursday. I loved Winnie the Pooh as a little girl and so today's picture goes back to my childhood memories.

The post today is all about my Bible class. Here are my notes from today's class. Enjoy immensely! Today was a good class as it was all about the first half of Hebrews.

 Hebrews: An Encouragement to Cling to Christ

 I. Intro
   A. Authorship
      1. Why not Paul?
-he didn't claim it like he did with all of his other letters.
-style is different; no use of "in Jesus Christ" in this letter. (used 90x before)
      2. Then who?
-Apollos is a candidate - timing. reference, to Timothy. from Alexandria. Greek rhetoric use. eloquent (Acts 18:24)
-an associate of Paul for sure because of the reference to Timothy.
    1. Barnabas: hellenistic Jew, close to Paul
    2. Priscilla and Aquila: taught Apollos. the subject is usually "we."
   B. Canonicity
-tone and content convince the church leaders that it should be in the Bible. It's in there because the people of God recognized it as Scripture from the beginning. It testifies to itself.
-Hebrews 4 --> sharper than a 2 edged sword.
-John 7:17 --> we can know.
-Romans 8 --> we are His and this is His Word.
   C. Recipients
-Jewish Christians.
-warning them to stay away from going back to Judaism.
-elevating Christ.
-title: "to the Hebrews"
-writing to the Jewish Christians in Rome.
-Hebrews 13:24.
-persecution in Rome, under Nero, and Jewish Christians had a way out if they reverted back to Judaism.
  D. Purpose
-to show the superiority of Christ over all the OT priests and sacrifices
-to encourage readers to stay strong in the faith.

We didn't get very far because he never finishes his outlines, but it's always a good class! Starting on Sunday, I'm going to be revamping the blog, just that's just something to keep in mind :)

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