Friday, April 29, 2011

it's the little things in life...sleep depravation.

In the last 36 hours, I've slept about 12 hours. I'm pretty exhausted, as you might imagine. I'm only up right now because I'm waiting for Danielle so we can go to In-N-Out. I know I've been bad about blogging, but I figured I'd post today with a summary of my week. Love you guys! :)

<3 Jack in the Box tacos <3 being at Brittany's house <3 Charlie asking me to be his girlfriend <3

<3 Daddy arrives! <3 lunch with the father <3 being late to Bible class <3 candy from mom <3

(most eventful day of the week. my 2nd favorite day of the week.)
<3 conversations with a good old friend <3 my dad speaking in chapel <3 Little Tokyo with Brit and Dad <3 mochi <3 fruit pudding <3 Burger King <3 basketball game vs. the faculty <3 31 cent ice cream from Baskin Robbins <3 Jack in the Box <3 Mt. Dew and Reeses <3

 Brit and I with our aviators
 the aviator crew !
 Daddy <3
 she's prohibited.
 Little Tokyo
 the top of my fruit pudding
Brit put the straw wrapper on my straw at BK.

<3 sweatpants <3 last day of classes for the semester <3 dinner with friends <3 hanging out with Dad <3

<3 In-N-Out with Danielle <3 going to the airport with Dad to drop him off <3 sleeping in the car <3 sleeping on a blanket outside under the sun <3 BBQ "chicken" <3 Target with Danielle and Brittany <3 "tubbing" <3 skype with Charlie :) <3

I hope you guys have an awesome week !

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WW: professors, papers, peeps, and pandora

Professors, Papers, Peeps, and Pandora

i sit in class, writing notes.
the Professor lectures, assigns homework.
i try to get it all done. 
i fail. 

and so my homework piles up.
soon i have Papers galore due at the same time.
i write them at night.
i'm exhausted.

what will get me through this night?
why Peeps of course; easter has just passed and i have some.
i eat them while i work.
i feel sick.

i need something less sugary. provides me with necessary incentive and focus.
i blast it all night.
i get it done.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

acting like it's 3am at 12:30.

Hi! I know I've been really bad about blogging, but I had some time right now so I thought I would blog. Ha, don't expect this post to be coherent because I'm pretty much exhausted.

Britt and I have been up until at least 3 a.m. the past 3 days. We were on break and it's just how it happened. She has a habit of recording stupid things that I say at these wee hours of the morning and making them her Facebook status. In just the past 20 minutes or so, she wrote 2 statuses of quotes from me and it's not even 1 a.m. yet.

We've been trying to do homework, but pretty much failing. Yesterday was just not a good day for productivity. We got back from her house around 1 p.m. and I took a nap until 4ish. I had work for an hour and then I was just chilling in my room.

Yesterday (April 25) was a good day. My best friend, Charlie, asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. :)