Tuesday, March 15, 2011

terrible tuesdays

Usually people complain about Mondays. "Oh, no, Monday is here again." "I hate Mondays...." For me, Tuesdays are my bad days. I have work at 10 am, 3 classes in the afternoon, and then a 4 hour class after dinner.

Today, I called into work because I'm so completely jet-lagged and my ankle hurts so bad! I was having trouble walking today without pain. So, I had my 4 classes this afternoon which were really good. It's good to be back. Bible class had hilarious moments, English 201 was lovely, and History was amazing as usual. Even Spanish was good today...it went really fast.

After Spanish, I went for a walk with Brittany and Josh. It was a lot of fun getting to hang out with my friends again. I've missed hanging with them.

Okay, so this post is pretty short, but I'm still jet-lagged and I barely remembered to blog today at all. I hope you guys had a wonderful Tuesday and that the rest of your week is awesome.!

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