Tuesday, March 1, 2011

procrastination is my middle name

I'm sitting here the night before I fly out to NY for spring break waiting for my laundry to finish. That's right, I waited until the night before I leave to do all my laundry. Procrastination is my middle name. 

I had so many sticky notes everywhere reminding me of things I needed to do. I even had notes written on my hands. But notes don't get the job done for you. I still have dishes in the sink (fewer of them!), and 3 loads of laundry in the wash right now. Which reminds me, I should go check my clothes. 

All my clothes are now occupying 3 dryers. They should be done around midnight. Then I get to pack them all! Well, not all of them. I don't need that many clothes for 2 weeks, but I do have to pack some of them. 

So I had my Bible midterm today. I think it went alright, but I'm just praying that I got a good grade. I really need it. English 201 and History were pretty uneventful, I called my mom (love her!), had dinner, went to Spanish... and found out I had a Spanish midterm. When my professor told me I was all.. "are you kidding me right now?" I had no idea. I've missed the last 2 classes of Spanish and nobody from class told me. So that threw a little excitement into my existence. 

Now I'm finished with all my exams and classes. I have to polish up one more paper that's due tomorrow morning then I'm golden for break. Danielle is driving me to the airport right after chapel tomorrow morning. I have a two hour lay over in Vegas...I'll probably blog from there. Then, a couple of my friends are picking me up at midnight tomorrow night at the Buffalo, NY airport. It's going to be a long day, but well worth it. 

New York, here I come. 

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