Tuesday, March 29, 2011

oh, that's funny.

I hope you all are having a relaxing week and that it's not as hectic and chaotic as mine! I made a rough schedule for the week during English class today (yes, instead of taking notes), and I'm trying really hard not to feel overwhelmed! I have a paper due tomorrow that I have to edit tonight, an article due tonight for the school newspaper that I have to write, and a paper due Thursday that I have finish reading for. *sigh* So today, I decided to offset the depressed overwhelmed feeling that is coming over me by looking up silly pictures on the internet. Here are some of my favorites: (Enjoy!)

I love this cat...his face looks like mine in the morning.

 I second that statement.

 dream big <3

 I just love this one because I'm a nerd too :)

way to spell!

I hope you guys enjoy this few funny pictures and I hope you have a great week! Try not to over whelm yourselves :)

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