Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nixon Library Avodah

My Saturday morning/early afternoon was spent at the Nixon Library in Orange County, CA. It's a museum dedicated to the life of Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States. It was very interesting because the museum was undergoing construction so the part concerning Watergate wasn't open. So, basically all we saw the "good" aspects of Nixon's presidency without the "bad" parts. I took lots of pictures though, here are some of my favorite parts:

 on the way there
 the group! (that's my history professor with his hands like a president)
 the seal that's on the floor
 President Nixon and Mrs. Nixon
 a beautiful car that was on display
 the elephant collection
 Mrs. Nixon had buttons too
 the Nixon family.
 I thought this was cute. It's a card that some little kid made when Nixon became President.
 some of the gifts that were given to Pat Nixon
 they had a whole section dedicated to Pat Nixon
 this is a drawing of one of the dresses that Pat wore. It looked better than the actual dress.
 Britt with the President's limousine.
 the gardens outside
 looking up at the gazebo
 excited to be outside in the warm sun!!
Marine 1. unfortunately it was closed so I couldn't go inside and take pictures or anything, but at least I got the outside. 
Well, those are just some of my pictures that I took. The rest are on my Facebook page. Feel free to visit it and see what else I took pictures of! You can also see some of my friend's pictures that I'm tagged in. 

Yesterday afternoon, I went over to my RD's apartment and made some of my gluten free spaghetti. It was actually really yummy, and while I waited for it to cook (and while I ate it), I watched Star Wars V: the Empire Strikes Back with a couple people. After I finished my spaghetti, I went back to my room and cleaned up a little bit before watching Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. It's one of my favorites, especially because I love Han Solo (Harrison Ford). The Ewoks are cute too...contrary to some people's opinion. :)

Well, I plan on being holed up in the library for the day to finish up my Bible paper, and begin my History paper. I also need to write my article for the school newspaper because it's due by tomorrow at midnight. This week is pretty busy and I hope you get a good start on it. But first, I'm going back to bed...we had practice this morning at 7a.m. and I'm tired. Have a good Monday guys and thanks for reading :)


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