Monday, March 14, 2011

"ladies and gentlemen, we've just touched down in Burbank. enjoy your stay"

I'm back!!! Sitting here, typing on my computer while uploading pictures with my roommate in the background and the sounds of my quad-mates wafting through the feels like home. I mean, NY will always kind of be "home" to me because of all my friends, but Cali is home now too. I have a lot of homes.

Okay, so I've been terrible about blogging this past weekend. I was down in Olean, NY at the girls' state tournament (which I already told you about), and I didn't have constant access to a computer (or time) so blogging went out the window. I went back and added the appropriate pictures to the last post (It's the little things in life...state championship!) if you'd like to re-view it! Also, this post is going to be on the longer side but with pictures!!

Yesterday, (Sunday), after church in the morning, I went out for lunch with Julie, Courtney, and our friend Julia. It was a ton of fun and I got to see Julia again which was lovely.

I love her!

Before I left, I went to breakfast with 3 of my really good friends! It's sort of a tradition now, I guess. We went out for a late night snack the night before I left for school in August..(because I left super early)..and now we went out to breakfast before I left for school again!

this is Sarah and Leah this morning....
...and this is them when I left in August. definitely going to become a tradition I think.

Julie and I made matching shirts on Thursday morning (because we're awesome like that) and then we also have matching guys' hoodies from American Eagle because we're cool. We took pictures this morning before I left with Sarah for the airport and Julie left for work:
this is the back. Hers says "Julie-bean" and mine says "Chelly-bean". We have our ages as our numbers, and she has her nickname of "hippo" on the bottom, while I have "giraffe".
this is the front! We have several of our little inside jokes written on it plus B.F.F. they're pretty awesome shirts if you ask me. 
being gangster with our guys' hoodies.
Sarah took this before we were ready.
she's short, but I love her.

I left Buffalo at 2:00 p.m. Pacific time and got in around 8:45 p.m. My brain is telling me that it's 2:35 a.m. right now because I got used to EST after two weeks in NY. The first flight from Buffalo to Phoenix was awful. It was super bumpy and we basically got bounced around for the entire 5 hours. Then Phoenix to Burbank was a little better, it wasn't as bumpy and it was only an hour and a half. I didn't change planes in Phoenix so I sat in my seat for 45 minutes waiting for everyone else to board.

Once I got into Burbank, I got my luggage and waited outside for my roommate and her boyfriend to come pick me up. It was a lovely night and I enjoyed sitting in the warm air. I almost fell asleep in the car, but I managed to stay awake.

Almost as soon as I got back, I walked over to see Brittany and then the two of us walked to Connal's. It was just like "old times". I love being back at school. I know I'm going to miss all my wonderful friends, not having homework, and being able to sleep in... but I am ready to be back in Pasadena. Have a wonderful week everyone!!

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