Friday, March 11, 2011

It's the little things in life....state championship!

Hey guys, sorry I missed posting yesterday, I got distracted by the girls' state tournament. However, here are a few things that made me smile this week:

<3 hanging out with Sarah and Julie <3 coffee <3 Pano's <3 playing games at Joe and Erin's <3 coffee with Julia <3

(I know you've already seen this picture, but I love it)

<3 relaxing <3 watching movies with Julie <3 having a lazy day with friends <3

being lazy with Jules.

<3 being with Courtney <3 dinner with Eric and Brenda <3 coffee with Julie <3 playing cards with Harry Potter cards <3 getting stuck at Tim Horton's <3 dyeing my hair with Jules <3

my Christmas gift from Julie!

<3 making matching shirts with Julie <3 driving down to Olean with Noelle <3 watching the girls play basketball <3 Friendly's <3 swimming at the hotel <3

my lovely Bethany at Friendly's :)

<3 more basketball <3 way too many snacks <3 swimming and working out at the hotel <3 being with my girls!!! <3
(just ignore my crazy face)
It promises to be a good weekend. Blogging has been a little crazy since I've left school because I don't have my laptop so I haven't always been able to put my pictures up, but I get back to school on Monday. AHH! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend wherever you're reading from :)

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